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Hallo meine Lieben,

ich habe mir gedacht, dass es vielleicht ganz nett wäre Euch einen Überblick über meine klitzekleine Sammlung zu geben. Schließlich zeige ich hier so viele Lacke, dass man da schnell mal den Überblick verliert und ich finde die Idee (die ich mir von ein paar anderen Blogs abgeguckt habe :P) wirklich schön, ich klicke mich unheimlich gern durch solche Seiten :)
Hier möchte ich also alle meine Lacke, alphabetisch und nach Marken sortiert, festhalten und die von mir schon gezeigten Swatches entsprechend verlinken. Einige Lacke habe ich noch nicht oder nur in Designs verwendet und deshalb nicht verlinkt. Ich wünsche Euch ganz viel Spaß beim Stöbern! :)

A England
Angel Grace - Tennyson's Romance


Cherry Pie - Chic Countryside LE 2015
Early Dawn - Chic Countryside LE 2015
Garnet Gloves - Chic Countryside LE 2015
Mohair Red Hair - Chic Countryside LE 2015
Pink Muffin - Chic Countryside LE 2015
Silk Scarf - Chic Countryside LE 2015
Sweet Cocoon - Chic Countryside LE 2015
Winter is Coming - Chic Countryside LE 2015

Clubbing with Dracula
For a free World (Goodie BKT 2017)
Kissing Frog
Lilac Powder
Match the Machos! - Girls for President 2016
Private Party - Celebrities Only LE 2015
The New Copper

Rich Decoration - India Collection LE 2014

Beauty Woman
namenloser Eiscreme-Lack

186 (Dusky Pink)
748 (Sparkling Champagne)
Violet Illusion

Bow Polish
Wind of Change

Golden Plum-e - Feathered Fall LE 2014
Holo in One - Holomania LE 2014
Holo My Hand - Luxury Lacquers 2015
Poetic Pink - Victorian Poetry LE 2016
Plum me up Scotty - Holomania LE 2014
Royal LavendERA - Victorian Poetry 2016
Unexpected Red

China Glaze
Fairy Dust

namenloser silberner Glitzer

Shady Palms (PR)
Ripe Guava (PR)
Denim Patch (PR)

Color Alike
Fly High

Colors by Llarowe
Black Gold, Texas Tea
Fall is Calling - PotM October 2016
March to a different Beat - PotM March 2016
The Deep End (H)
The Mighty Red Baron
Turning Leaves - PotM November 2016
Winter's Dark Nights - PotM January 2016

Dance Legend
Blanco - Holodays
Milky Way - Galaxy
Pulsar - Galaxy

Awesome Apricot (Goodie BKT 2017)
Baby Boom (PR)
Beautiful Berry (PR)
Candy Cotton (Mini, PR) - Rich Pastels
Daily Dark Red (Goodie BKT 2017)
Dear Dark Orchid (PR)
Efficient Emerald
Great Grape (PR)
Green Aquamarine (Mini, PR) - Rich Pastels
Kind Khaki (PR)
Lordy Light Grey
Lovely Lavender (PR)
Mad Mistyrose (PR)
Major Midnight Blue (PR)
Metal Rose (Mini, PR) - time to C.E.L.E.B.R.A.T.E.
Mood for Mud (PR)
Night Fever (Mini, PR) - time to C.E.L.E.B.R.A.T.E.
Pastel Peach (Mini, PR) - Rich Pastels
Plain Powderblue
Polite Pink (Goodie BKT 2017)
Pomegranate Pop (PR)
Rich Red Wine (PR)
Rosy Rosewood (PR)
Royal Rubin (Mini, PR) - time to C.E.L.E.B.R.A.T.E.
Silky Snowflake (Mini, PR) - time to C.E.L.E.B.R.A.T.E.
Special Salmon Pink
Versatile Violet
White Wedding (Mini, PR) - Rich Pastels

June 2014

Beam Me Up! - Space Stories
Black is Back
Icy Fairy
Island Hopping
Itsy Bitsy Blue Bikini
Pure Soul
Pretty Cool Life
That's what I mint
Wanna be your Sunshine
Where Did I Park My Unicorn? - Hidden Stories LE 2015
Wild White Ways

All Access Pass - Make Some Noise 2015
Aruba Blue
Bahama Mama
Bikini so Teeny
Bold Beauty - Retro Revival 2017
Cashmere Bathrobe - For the Twill of it LE 2013
Ciao Effect - Resort LE 2017
Fiji - Ballet Slippers LE 2014
Find me an Oasis (US-Version) - Resort Fling LE 2014
Find me an Oasis (EU-Version) - Resort Fling LE 2014
Flowerista - Flowerista LE 2015
Go Overboard
Groove is in the Heart - Make Some Noise 2015
I'm Addicted - Too Taboo LE 2014
Loot the Booty - Viva Antigua 2016
Mint Candy Apple
Parka Perfect - Shearling Darling 2013
Penny Talk - Mirror Metallics LE 2012
Play Date
Romper Room - Hide & Go Chic LE 2015
Shades On - Lounge Lover LE 2016
Shall We Chalet? - Virgin Snow LE 2014/2015
Strike a Pose-Itano - Resort LE 2017
Style Cartel - Dress to Kilt LE 2014
The Perfect Cover Up - Dress to Kilt LE 2014
Too Taboo - Too Taboo LE 2014
Under The Twilight - Resort Fling LE 2014
Urban Jungle - Haute in the Heat LE 2014

Fiery Red

F.U.N. Lacquer
Black Holo Witch - Simply Nailogical Collection 2016
Cheers to the Holidays (H) - Christmas Collection 2015
Holo Queen - Simply Nailogical 2016
How Deep is your Holo - Simply Nailogical 2016
Reunion (H)
Be Charming
Be Faithful
Tasty Blueberry

21 (Ruby)
30 (Taupe)



Andromeda's Nebula
Mint & Basil
Shining Garnet
The Universe



Aloha from OPI - Hawaii LE 2015
A Grape Affair (Mini)- Coca Cola LE 2014
Be Magentale With Me (Mini)- Sheer Tints
Coca-Cola Red (Mini)- Coca Cola LE 2014
Cosmo with a Twist - Starlight Collection 2015
Do you have this Color in Stock-Holm? (Mini) - Nordic LE 2014
Don't Violet Me Down (Mini) - Sheer Tints
DS Reflection - Designer Collection 2008
Get Cherried Away (Mini) - Coca Cola LE 2014
Green on the Runway (Mini) - Coca Cola LE 2014
How Great is Your Dane? (Mini) - Nordic LE 2014
I Can Teal You Like Me (Mini)- Sheer Tints
I'm in the Moon for Love - Starlight Collection 2015
I'm Never Amberrassed (Mini) - Sheer Tints
My Dogsled is a Hybrid (Mini) - Nordic LE 2014
My Private Jet
My Signature is "DC" (Mini) - Coca Cola LE 2014
My Voice is a little Norse (Mini)- Nordic LE 2014
Sorry I'm Fizzy Today (Mini) - Coca Cola LE 2014
The Sky's My Limit - Mustang Collection 2014
Today I Accomplished Zero (Mini) - Coca Cola LE 2014
You're So Vain-illa (Mini) - Coca Cola LE 2014

Luxe (Mini)

Bright Image (Techno Chrome)
Bronze Cut (Techno Chrome)
Champagne Glare (Techno Chrome)
Cool Milkshake
Eternal Rose - Keep the Secret LE 2012
Lovely Daughter
Minty Mademoiselle
Never Mind! - Winter... who cares? LE 2014
Powerful Emerald - Keep the Secret LE 2012
Royal Beauty
Steel Drama (Techno Chrome)

Picture Polish


Rival de Loop Young

Smitten Polish

SuperChic Lacquer
Realm of Erotica

Tonic Polish

Trend it Up
030 - Holo Dimensions 2015
050 - The Metallics 2015
060 - Magical Illusion 2016

Matt Top Coat


2k cosmetics 
Adventskalender 2016:
1 (peach)
2 (dunkel rot-braun)
3 (grün mit Schimmer)
4 (dunkles grau)
6 (dunkelblau)
7 (rosa)
8 (orange)
9 (goldener Glitzer)
10 (flieder)
11 (beere)
13 (taubenblau)
14 (rot)
16 (braun)
17 (dunkles türkis/petrol)
18 (Schimmerbraun)
21 (blau-türkis)
22 (neon-peach)
23 (silber)
24 (knallpink)

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